Our Partners


eBay, the international e-commerce giant founded in 1995, connects people from all over the world to buy and sell through which they support their communities.

eBay Israel is committed to giving back to the community as part of the organization’s philosophy and to this end they operate in a number of social arenas, mainly supporting youth science and technology programs and social activities for disadvantaged populations.


Berman Bakery, founded in 1875 in Jerusalem, is the largest leading bakery chain in Israel. Berman provides bread and pastries to hundreds of thousands of households across the country.
This fine establishment combines a long tradition of producing baked goods offering a rich variety of breads, cakes and cookies while maintaining highest quality and service.
Berman’s Bakery perceives the cooperation with Nevet as a natural connection that affords their company and their employees the opportunity to help by contributing to those in need with the most basic essential food.
The values of social responsibility and connection to the community are guiding principles for Berman’s management team.


Big group supports social activities which provide children and youth who live within the geographic and social periphery the tools, a supportive environment and the opportunities to improve the challenges that one might face in the future.

“We find the importance of supporting Nevet due to the understanding that a hungry child will find it difficult to integrate into the school day, and we believe that the support given by Nevet will in fact allow him to integrate in the best possible way.”


“The children are our future and education is the insurance for their future!”

Harel is proud to support Nevet. As the leading insurance group in the Israeli market, Harel sees great importance when it comes to social corporate responsibility, and believes in a broad and deep support with our social partners.

“As part of the cooperation between Harel and Nevet, we get to be a part of the most concerning basic need – food. When this basic need is realized, a child will develop and succeed.

We are proud to participate in this important cause by feeding and helping children in Israel”.


Promedico is a distribution chain service company which is also part of Neopharm Group. Promedico works to create positive social change by strengthening ties with the community.

“We are pleased to support Nevet because we see this as an investment for the future. We assist children from families in financial distress by providing sandwiches for their breakfast. This meal provides healthy nutrition and allows children to reach their classes satisfied and not hungry. Fulfilling this basic need of hunger allows the children to be readily available for learning and concentration”.

Miki Delicatessen

Miki Delicatessen was established in 1939 by two brothers Miki and Imri Kauftheil. Today, the Kauftheil’s second generation continues their longstanding tradition.

“It is important for us as a family to be a part of the community in which we live and we try to be aware of what is happening and to give those who need. The cooperation with Nevet was natural and easy – not every day you hear about an organization that does sacred work by taking care of feeding hungry children across the country.”


The story of Tara begins in 1942 when a number of families and older dairy farmers established a small and qualitative dairy factory in Tel Aviv.

Since the company transitioned to Israel’s southern region, we find it important to maintain a continuous partnership with the community. In 2017 Tara decided to focus on at-risk youth and decided to support multiple programs for this cause. Tara Dairy attaches great importance to their social involvement and community activities.

Yellow Head

YellowHead is a top digital marketing agency who provides comprehensive advertising services to the worlds largest clients engaged in the internet field.

“YellowHead believes that only students who are not hungry and that have had a proper meal are students who can concentrate and succeed in their studies; so we choose to invest in the future of these children and in their success”


Taptica is a global end-to-end mobile advertising platform + Facebook & Instagram Marketing Partner that helps the world’s top brands reach their most valuable users with the widest range of traffic sources available today. Our proprietary technology leverages big data, and combined with state-of-the-art machine learning, enables quality media targeting at scale.

Taptica creates a single arena in which brands can scale and engage more relevantly with mobile audiences, staying ahead of the competition. As a badged Facebook & Instagram Partner, Taptica provides world-class technology together with Big Data and years of experience advertising on the Facebook platform, to ensure maximum ROI.

We work with more than 600 advertisers including Amazon, Disney, Facebook, Twitter, OpenTable, Expedia, Lyft and Zynga. Taptica is headquartered in Tel Aviv with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Seoul, Tokyo, and Beijing. Taptica Ltd. is traded on the London Stock Exchange (AIM: TAP).


Perion delivers innovative advertising and search solutions to brands and publishers

Through our extensive community partnerships, Perion is committed to making a positive social impact and to giving our employees the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to the community

Each week, an entire 8th grade math class from a local school in Holon comes to Perion to receive tutoring from Perion employees. The students learn together their Perion tutors throughout the school year, not only improving their math skills, but also becoming familiar with the daily work environment of a hi-tech company

Perion is proud to partner with Nevet to provide sandwiches for our math students, and to many additional students as well, so that they can concentrate on their studies and work towards a better future

Natural intelligence

Natural Intelligence is a global leader in the comparison space, operating in markets throughout North America, Europe, South America, and Australia. We work with one goal in mind: help customers make better, more informed decisions when choosing an online service provider.

Natural Intelligence promotes values of involvement in the community and society in a wide range of fields. We are proud to be part and to support Nevet important and significant activity.

Eyal Peretz initiative and Real Estate

Eyal Peretz initiative and Real Estate are committed to do all in their power to help and promote the blessed work of Nevet.

Nevets actions are an important tier in order to achieve a good education and values for the Israeli community.

For us it is inconceivable that there will be hungry children in Israel at school or at all.


Gitam BBDO is the largest marketing communications group in Israel and consists of an array of solutions in the world of marketing communications – advertising, PR, crisis management, content, digital, data, social, performance and media, which are combined into one powerful group available to our customers.


Leumi Bank involvement in the community is expressed in investing in tomorrow’s generation by creating options and providing tools for success. Leumi Bank focuses on promoting education, entrepreneurship and leadership among youth from the geographic and social periphery, in order to reduce the gaps and promote equal opportunities.


WIX.COM is a company that offers a platform for creating websites that enables professional web presence for everyone

In addition for our business activity, WIX.COM also works in the social sector to promote community involvement and support for different populations and for diverse needs

We are proud to support Nevet and to enable our employees to be a part and help promote the future of the children of Israel