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    Our Vision

    To provide a healthy and nutritious breakfast to every Israeli child studying in the national educational system


    Our Mission

    To provide a dietary solution (sandwiches) to all children and youth learning in Israel’s educational system, while protecting quality and nutritional value


    Our Values

    • Nutritional Diversity and Health

      We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, with substantial research to back that up. Breakfast contributes to a child’s ability to concentrate, to advance in their studies, reduces exhaustion and provides a sense of feeling satisfied and secure. It is for that reason that we chose this meal as the center of our activities. Children’s health is important to us. We have created a menu based on nutrition and taste in collaboration with an experienced clinical dietician, with the meal containing a whole wheat bread-roll, spreads and cheeses lower in fat and/or sugar.

    • Protecting the Student’s Dignity Through Discretion

      One of the most important factors in our operations is protecting the dignity and privacy of our children. We therefore distribute our sandwiches without any branding so that it looks like any other sandwich a child might bring from home. In addition, we work with the schools to ensure that the distribution is carried out discretely. In most cases, the sandwiches are ready before the students arrive to school and the student can collect them upon arrival from one of the school staff. This allows the sandwich to be taken out when it is time to eat – just like every other student- when it comes for the 10:00 meal.

    • Strengthening the Bond Between Teacher and Student

      We believe strongly that a student needs an adult figure that believes in them. It is important that children have someone who knows their challenges and is prepared to help respond to them. Very often this figure is a teacher and we structure our activities in a way that makes our students understand that their teachers can be trusted. Without the child knowing that Nevet even exists, they are building a bond with their teacher as someone who sees them, understands them, cares for them. This is another way build up his or her confidence and provide the drive to succeed.

    • Fiscal Responsibility to Maximize Donor Impact

      It’s important to us that our donors and partners know that as much of their gift as possible will go for the cause it was intended- as many sandwiches for as many children as possible. That understanding motivates us to make our logistical operations optimally effective and well-managed and reduce overhead and staffing.

    Our Staff

    Rotem Yosef Giladi


    nevet-img rotem@nevet.org

    Tal Cohen Shamir

    Office and Administration Manager

    nevet-img talcs@nevet.org

    Shuli Feigenbaum

    Operations Manager

    nevet-img shuli@nevet.org

    Tal Efrati

    Director of Resource Development and Partnerships

    nevet-img tale@nevet.org

    Mor Bader Weingarten

    Logistics and Customer Relations Coordinator

    nevet-img mor@nevet.org

    Tom Sasson

    Food safety and quality controller

    nevet-img tom@nevet.org

    Shon Shlomo

    Bookkeeper & Payroll Manager

    nevet-img shon@nevet.org

    Menachem Levy


    nevet-img menachem@nevet.org

    Jacob Dayan


    Harnan Mahaudi

    Warehouse Coordinator

    Our Board of Directors

    Yosef Mandelbaum

    Partner at “Nili Capital” and Chair of the Board of Directors for the past six years.

    Yael Elad

    Partner in the Aleph Venture Capital Fund. Yael holds a Master’s Degree from Brown University and a Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA.

    Sherry Kagan Segal

    CEO at Pomegranate Travel, Sherry has a degree in hotel management from Cornell University

    Aminadav Alfan

    Former Director of the Strategy Division of Isracard and a Member of the Executive Board.

    Transparency and Accountability

    Nevet is an independently operated organization. As the largest organization of its type committed to our country’s students we operate with full professional transparency. These ideals guide our daily activities and reflect our dedication to our community, our donors, our partners and volunteers. All of our financial reports are fully available for review including external audits and review by our own internal system for quality control. Meeting reports, salaries and all other relevant documentation are similarly available for public review and our donor operations are all in accordance with Israeli tax and bookkeeping laws.

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