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    How’d It All Begin?

    Nevet was founded in 2006, initially as a project of “Leket Israel” which is dedicated to saving food that without them would be thrown out.

    In 2015, we recognized that the scope of the challenge required a holistic response based on professionalism and a long-term vision. This motivated the development of an organization with its own logistical framework and budget, with a strategic plan to reach every child who needed us. At that point Nevet became its own independent body.

    We then set up the framework of partners from the educational networks and local municipalities that would take responsibility to help feed the students and manage the direct contact between the schools and the students. With that shared vision, we achieved the remarkable feat of an equally shared fiscal plan where the financial costs were now split between our donors and those partners.

    Over time, and following ongoing positive feedback from our schools and our internal research surveys, we committed ourselves towards working to change public opinion and government policy-making to create a national food plan for feeding students, as is in place in many advanced Western countries.

    Our vision is to impact a real change away from the belief that feeding children falls solely on the parents, to a more comprehensive understanding that providing our kids with food in schools is a critical tool to advance broader educational objectives for the schools and our country.

    What Do We Do?

    Nevet provides a sandwich for the morning meal to kids who arrive at school without any food, whether it’s because of socio-economic challenges or overall parental or guardian dysfunction.

    It’s important to understand that the challenge isn’t just a monetary one. Often families have other struggles they are coping with and feeding children can literally fall through the cracks. This is a reality even in the more affluent sectors of society. It doesn’t take much to get to the point where a child is coming to school without food and encounters hunger and embarrassment which can quickly lead to delinquency and behavior issues.

    Our work is to ensure that every kid feels a sense of confidence, simply by knowing that even if they come to school without food there will be a sandwich waiting for them every day.

    Nevet is the largest and only organization of its type in Israel that addresses this challenge for students between the ages of 6 and 18 and from all walks of life; Jews, Arabs, Bedouin, religious, charedi and secular.

    Each and every day we deliver 13,500 sandwiches to schools all over the country.

    Why We Do It?

    A sandwich is not just a sandwich.

    A sandwich is a first response to show we care, and through which a child can gain confidence. That sandwich waiting in school allows the students to become more attentive, academically motivated, emotionally sound and physically satiated.

    A student who is ready and willing to learn is able to benefit from everything the school has to offer. To achieve academic success then translates to other successes that sets him or her on an overall positive path.

    Our mission whereby the student doesn’t know where the sandwich is coming from is integral in the overall path towards confidence and independence and builds that bond between teachers and students.

    A student who is afforded attention from their teachers gains a sense of belonging and attachment to the educational framework. The teachers become not just educators but people who truly care for their students welfare- particularly in times of need. A child who is able to eat alongside their peers gains a feeling of hope and connection. The discretion we practice in distributing the sandwich is a critical aspect of this process and allows the benefiting student to be able to feel equal to their peers.

    Our values

    • Proper and healthy nutrition

    • Discretion to protect the student’s self-respec

    • Strengthening the bond between teachers and students

    • Effective fiscal and operational management to maximize the impact of every donation



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