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  • How does volunteering impact our lives?

    It’s not by chance that people come to us to volunteer as we know there are many benefits to this process…
    For example:

    • It’s Good for Your Health

      More and more studies have shown that volunteers in their 30s, 40’s and 50’s had a more physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle and demonstrated greater enjoyment later in life. The studies even showed that volunteering led to longevity and reduced mortality.

    • It Makes You Happier

      Other studies found that volunteers reported that they felt happier in life and enjoyed a sense of optimism about their futures. In fact, volunteers reported feeling more energized, a sense of purpose that spilled over into other aspects of their personal lives.

    • It Makes You Feel Less Alone

      Volunteering provides a network of relationships that can connect people to their communities as well as building and strengthening connections between the volunteers themselves.

    • It Makes Us Better Problem Solvers

      Research has found that volunteers are able to confront problems in life better and more creatively. This is apparently linked to the fact that these individuals know how to think creatively and out of the box and come across all sorts of different challenges in their volunteering that they might not encounter otherwise.

    • Volunteering? You’ll Feel Fulfilled

      Our desire to feel fulfilled and confident has long ago been something we all strive for in life. Volunteerism is a path to self-worth and meaning and purpose in life.

    • And Your Sense of Self Will Benefit Too

      Volunteering leads to greater self-worth and more confidence in your abilities. Doing something kind for someone else instills a feeling of pride, satisfaction and higher self-worth.

    How to Volunteer With Us?

    We receive all types of requests to volunteer with our sandwich preparation. So first of all, thank you! But our first priority is to engage the school staff in the food preparation as part of our mission to establish closer bonds between the teachers and students. But there are still other areas where we can welcome your help.


    Nevet’s Eyes- Food Safety Supervision

    This is one of our most important volunteer opportunities. Each volunteer will adopt a school that he or she will be responsible for over the course of the year. Once a month, they will come to the school and observe the staff preparing the sandwiches and ensure its done according to our guidelines- using gloves, proper hand-washing, etc. At the conclusion of the visit, a form is submitted.

    This role has critical value because the safety of our students is so important. Without these volunteers we can’t uphold that commitment to safe and healthy food


    Volunteer In Your Area of Expertise

    Nevet welcomes professionals from the fields of technology, digital media, photography and others to join our efforts and contribute your talents and experience.


    Volunteer Testimonials

    “It’s an incredible feeling of purpose. To help this organization- is a great honor.”

    Yifat, Nesher

    “Once a month I go and volunteer for Nevet. It offers me a sense of priorities and I return with a good feeling that I helped with something important.”

    Shimon, Dimona

    “This volunteering is so important to me and I plan to continue next year.”

    Nir, Yavneh

    “Sometimes I think what would happen if children didn’t have Nevet. We’re so lucky they exist.”

    Maya, Afula

    “The volunteering gave me so much personal satisfaction. Knowing that so many kids are in need and that I can help them, was so important.”

    Dana, Tiberias

    “It’s remarkable what Nevet does for children. You can feel the caring with everything they do.”

    Alon, Tel Aviv


    Want to volunteer with us?

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