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    Our Model for Partnership

    Our partnership model has developed throughout the years and is based on the importance of shared responsibility for funding and implementation between donors and the local authorities and educational networks who are in charge of the day to day operations of the schools.


    It didn’t start out that way. In the early years of our organization’s management, we worked to budget all of the sandwich expenses from our donor funds. Over the years, our understanding shifted with the realization that the responsibility isn’t solely that of our donors, rather the joint responsibility together with the local authorities and education networks that are responsible for educating our children.


    We reached an impressive achievement: Equal distribution of the financial responsibility between the donors and the partners.


    We are proud to have many supporters who have been with us from the beginning. Among them are business leaders and others across Israeli society as well as philanthropic foundations from Israel and around the world.


    They are joined by local partners from the municipal and educational authorities who chose to work with us out of an appreciation for the particularly positive and lasting impact of our work with the students.


    To all our supporters and friends, we express our sincere thanks for your trust!
    It is only because of your continued investment that we are able to move forward with helping more and more Israeli kids each year.
    Our hope is to only further expand this community of support so that we can make an even greater impact in this critical area of helping Israel’s next generation.

    50% of the fundraising budget

    • Commercial Partners

    • Private Donors

    • Foundations

    • General donations from the wider public

    50% of the fundraising budget

    • Educational Networks

    • Local Municipalities

    • Government Ministries

    • Individual Schools

    Our Donors

    Our Partners

    Volunteers and Partnership Projects for the Business Sector

    • Adopt a School

      As part of this partnership, businesses can adopt a school that is located nearby to their offices, and prepare sandwiches on a weekly basis (either once a week or more often). After the sandwiches are prepared, the company assists in the delivery to the nearby school in time for the daily morning meal.

    • A Morning of Giving

      In this program, we come to your offices early in the day and together we’ll prepare a large number of sandwiches to service various schools in the area. After that, the sandwiches will be delivered to the schools. This program can be arranged for once a year or more often, based on your abilities and interests.

    • Not Just Bread

      This program takes our partnership past just food and invites students to come to your offices where your employees can meet with local children and serve as mentors on academic topics like math and English.

    • Packaging Together

      This program is intended for organizations and companies where groups of up to 8 people are prepared to volunteer outside of your offices. Early in the day you’ll be invited to our logistical center in Raanana and help us prepare for the day. It’s a great group activity of about an hour and a half. Dress warmly!

    Some Testimonials from Our Partners and Supporters

    BIG supports social efforts on behalf of youth in Israel’s periphery by providing them with tools and supportive frameworks to strengthen their position in society and better prepare them for the future. We view Nevet as an important partner based on our shared appreciation that every hungry child will be challenged to integrate into their educational surroundings and we believe strongly that supporting Nevet will allow the younger generation to be thrive and take the next steps forward towards success.

    Berman Bakery views our relationship with Nevet as a natural partnership that allows our company and our employees the ability to help others and contribute via the most basic of products that define essential food, and which is a critical item in almost every Israeli home. Social responsibility and commitment to our community are values that have inspired our company and its ownership for generations.

    EBAY is an electronic digital sales platform founded in 1995 which connects people from all over the world to make purchases and to contribute to their communities. At EBAY Israel we view giving back as part of our business and operational philosophy and we are therefore working in various social realms with a goal of helping young people in the fields of science and technology alongside social programs directed at the weaker elements within our society.

    The children are our future and education is the best insurance policy for their future success.
    Harel Group is motivated by a vision that prioritizes social efforts and we take great pride in supporting Nevet. As part of our partnership we are able to help support the provision of the most basic of needs – food. When this basic need is provided, children can grow and thrive in all sorts of areas.

    As the largest organization in Israel, educating one out of every ten teenagers, we discovered that alongside academic excellence, there are also places where teenagers have to deal with the most basic hardships. Nevet has become essentially the only player that helps us in the entire country in all sectors of the society. Their assistance in providing sandwiches has increased student attendance, resulted in a significant reduction in violence and even the need for Ritalin.

    Perion is committed to social impact and to allow our employees to contribute and volunteer.Every week, 8th grade students from a school in Holon come to our offices for mentoring classes from our employees. The students learn from our staff, not only in fields like math, but also to better understand the worlds of business and hi-tech. Perion is proud to partner with Nevet to provide sandwiches to many students so that they can better focus on their studies and have a better future.

    Alongside our commercial activities, WIX works to advance and support social initiatives and to assist the weaker elements of society in a variety of ways.
    We are proud to be partners in action with Nevet and to allow our employees to contribute to social change out of concern for the future of Israel’s children.



    We invite companies and organizations that want to join us to fill out the form and we will reach out to you.



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