Action Model

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School Application and Registration

Nevet invites schools to sign up to the program before the beginning of school vacation, on the basis of their knowledge of students’ needs and in accordance with Nevet’s predetermined criteria.

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Healthy Nutrition

Nevet works in collaboration with a nutritionist who determines the sandwiches’ composition, in order to maximize their nutritional value. The bread that arrives at the school each morning is whole wheat, and the sandwich spreads are healthy. Examples of spreads are cream cheese, hummus and tuna.

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Product Delivery

Every three weeks Nevet provides the schools with the components to make the sandwich including necessary supplies such as sandwich bags, tablecloths, gloves, aprons etc. Fresh rolls arrive at the school gate every morning.

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Sandwich Preparation

To guarantee quality and food safety, sandwiches are prepared on school grounds by volunteers, school staff, and even by students who take turns pitching in.

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Monitoring Food Safety

Nevet sends inspectors on its behalf to carry out quality tests during sandwich preparation. The inspectors are trained by a nutritionist and conduct surprise visits to schools and report their findings to Nevet’s nutritionist and Director of Operations. A monthly sandwich monitoring report is issued with their findings and ways to correct and improve their shortcomings. The organization monitors their improvements and modifications.