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Donate a sandwich for a child who needs it

Donate a sandwich for a child

Chef Haim Cohen supports Nevet, as we provide nutritious daily sandwiches to 8,000 students.


With your help, we will be able to distribute an additional 50,000 sandwiches to needy children.

  • In the last school year, 1,300,000 sandwiches were provided to needy children
  • As a result of Nevet's sandwiches - 93% of principals reported improved behavior
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What our partners say about us

"Since we began handing food out to our students, a revolution has taken place in school! The attendance rate has gone up, our students don’t spend time searching for food all day and it is clear they are calmer – and not hungry! With your help we have saved children – literally."
School principal
"There are many children in our school for whom severe hardship is part of their daily lives. When they arrive every morning and select their favorite sandwich, you can see the appreciation and gratitude on their faces. The joy on their faces speaks louder than a thousand words."
School principal
Petah Tikva
"The help provided by these sandwiches has increased student attendance, significantly diminished violence and even reduced the need for Ritalin Nevet has essentially become the only entity that assists us throughout the country."
Director of the recruitment and partnership department
Ort Israel