Since we began handing food out to our students, a revolution has taken place in school! The attendance rate has gone up, our students don’t spend time searching for food all day and it is clear they are calmer – and not hungry! With your help we have saved children – literally.

School principal, Haifa

If you have never been in a teachers’ room when a student comes to the door, partly ashamed, partly demanding, asking for a sandwich before the end of the lesson, you won’t understand the weight and impact of this constant, daily contribution. Whoever is not in the school will not understand the difference – the immediate decline in the number and intensity of violent events. The fact that students are more focused on learning. Two years can go by without you stopping for a moment, and then something wonderful that takes place every day can become taken for granted. So we wanted you to know – your contribution is not taken for granted. On behalf of the students (who were initially ashamed to reach out and take the sandwiches) we would like to thank you. This gratitude is deeply heartfelt. Well done on your enterprise! May you find the strength and ability to continue to give and help.

School teacher, Ramle

Your willingness to help with a continuous supply of sandwiches has assisted dozens of children from especially low socio-economic backgrounds. Thanks to your generosity the students have received the basic, necessary conditions that are so important for their studies at school. They also receive a real sense of being cared for, a sense of home. The food fulfills not only their physical needs, but also affords the students better conditions for learning, enabling them to attain higher achievements. These achievements will help them break out of the cycle of poverty and dream of a better future.

School principal, Jerusalem

As the largest educational chain in Israel, educating one in ten of Israel’s youth, we have discovered that alongside scientific academic excellence there are also places in which youth are forced to deal with the most difficult, basic privations. It has become more and more clear that in many towns, especially in the periphery, there are youth who cannot even bring a sandwich to school. It should be pointed out that important nutritional enterprises currently exist in some places among younger age groups. However, youth especially find themselves dealing with hunger that leads to dropping out, theft, violence and other negative behaviors. Nevet has essentially become the only entity that assists us throughout the country, including in the Haredi, secular, Arab, Bedouin and Druze sectors. Moreover, this contribution reaches every place in the country, even distant locations… The help provided by these sandwiches has increased student attendance, significantly diminished violence and even reduced the need for Ritalin. Schools who receive assistance also report that for some students, the daily sandwich has helped improve grades and learning ability.

Director of the recruitment and partnership department, Ort Israel

There are many children in our school for whom severe hardship is part of their daily lives. When they arrive every morning and select their favorite sandwich, you can see the appreciation and gratitude on their faces. The joy on their faces speaks louder than a thousand words.

School principal, Petah Tikva

We wanted to say thank you for the perfect meal. With your help we are able to sit and study at leisure and with concentration. It motivates us to get up in the morning and we are happy to go to school, knowing that a communal meal is waiting for us. For many of us this meal is our food for the day. We cannot thank you enough.

Students in a Haredi framework, Jerusalem

These meals contribute to our warm home environment. They help our students, who have previously experienced many failures and disappointments, feel wanted and accepted, and begin to express their skills and abilities. Many of our students come from at-risk families in low socio-economic brackets, and do not receive meals on a regular basis. The sandwiches, served every day thanks to your donation, enable us to run the school in a quieter and calmer manner and directly affect our students’ ability to study. These meals have an additional contribution as the students are responsible for preparing the sandwiches on their own. During this time social connections and positive, special interactions are formed among the students.

High school principal, Ma’aleh Adumim